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​​​​Fitness & Nutrition  By Elise

Elise's Lifestyle Transformation Packages

Elise's packages are designed to create sustainable changes that work with your lifestyle, and lead to lasting results with your wellness goals. 

Each package includes 2 weekly (60 minute) personal training sessions, 1 monthly nutrition session, and weekly nutrition check-in emails.

  • The personal training sessions are custom made to fit your personal goals and fitness levels. Depending on your personal goals, these will include strength training, HIIT style cardio intervals, or a combination of these. If these are done virtually, Elise will create your programming based on the equipment you have available (and it's ok if you have no equipment too). 

  • The monthly nutrition session allows Elise to assess your nutrition status and goal progress. During each session Elise will help you adjust your goals as needed and prepare for monthly challenges that may arise on your wellness journey. She will also perform any body composition measurements if this is part of your goals.

  • Weekly nutrition email check-ins are also included in your package. These allow Elise to monitor your goal progress and help you with any nutrition issues that may arise between your monthly nutrition sessions. Elise will review your food diary during these check-ins if this is part of your goals.

​Elise's Lifestyle Transformation Packages:

  • Kickstart Package: 8 personal training sessions + 1 nutrition session $750

  • Investment Package: 16 personal training sessions + 2 nutrition sessions $1,200

  • Lifestyle Commitment Package: 24 personal training sessions + 3 nutrition sessions $1,550

Personal Training Only:

  •  8 personal training sessions $640

  • 16 personal training sessions $1,120

  • 24 personal training sessions $1,440

​*Partner rate: additional $30/session

Nutrition Sessions Only:

  • Personalized Nutrition Initial Session $225

  • Follow up session $75

  • 6 nutrition sessions (1 hour initial + 5, 30 minute follow ups)  $575


  • 12 nutrition sessions (1 hour initial + 11, 30 minute follow ups)  $1,000